First Steps is the initial step in learning more about what Windsor Church of the Nazarene is all about. Each class takes place after the Sunday Morning service. Our hope in presenting this four-week study is to help people grow in faith by learning basic spiritual practices and disciplines, connect and learn more about the church, discover their purpose and unique spiritual gifting, and begin a life of generosity and serving others.

You can start the First Steps on any Sunday as each month follows the same schedule.

First Sunday of the Month: Know - Learn more about Windsor Nazarene and our Beliefs.

Second Sunday of the Month: Basics - Learn basic spiritual practices, habits, and disciplines to help you in your journey with Jesus. We want to make sure you are equipped to learn and grow in your faith.

Third Sunday of the Month: Discover (SHAPE) - Learn your SHAPE for ministry and the unique way God has gifted you to serve him and be a part of the great work He is doing in Windsor Nazarene and our community.

Fourth Sunday of the Month: Live - Learn about the various ministries in and around Windsor Nazarene, as well as what it means to live a holy and Spirit-filled life.